Automatic Opening Vents

Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) or smoke ventilation systems are designed to help ventilate and extract smoke from buildings during emergencies and in the event of a fire to facilitate the safe escape of occupants.

Commercial and multiple occupancy buildings are required by law to provide clear escape routes, free from smoke to allow occupants to escape and provide fire fighters to access during an emergency.

Whether the building application is residential, commercial, healthcare or educational, a smoke ventilation system should be included as part of the overall fire strategy for the building. Natural Smoke Ventilation is a cost-effective method of meeting the requirements of Approved Document B Fire Safety Regulation.

AOV systems are generally coupled with an alarm or detector system to work in the event of a fire. When a detector or call point is triggered an AOV control system will open actuators, windows or vents to create ventilation. This clears smoke for people leaving the building and vents smoke out of the area that has been triggered.

Denis Windows is a certified WindowMaster partner who the leading manufacturer of smoke ventilation products in the world.

Our AOVs is fully tested and comply with latest required standards. We use WindowMaster Actuators with Schueco System to provide a quality and reliable Automatic Ventilation System.


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