Marketing and Sales Policy

Our purpose is to let you know exactly what you may expect if, after talking to us, you decide to invite us into your home for the purpose of preparing a quotation.

If you have designs and sizes, we can often provide an estimate by phone, fax or email.

We do not use any Direct Sales Marketing Methods. Specifically, we do not Door Canvass or Telephone Canvass. You will only ever be contacted by us in response to your enquiry and you will not receive follow up calls. Your details will be kept secure and will never be sold or passed on to any third party. Upon request, your details will be deleted from our records.

We will make an appointment with you for a specific time on a specific day – and turn up! Usually 20/30 minutes is enough to take measurements. If you have lots of questions, or if the job is complicated, then allow a little longer.

Our estimator will have an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Replacement Window, Door Design, and Porch or Conservatory Construction. The first thing that he will do is listen to you to find out what you have in mind and what is important to you. Then, you can discuss and agree designs and specifications for the main quotation, and any alternatives.

Our quotations are valid for 1 month and we are quite happy to deliver them to you verbally or by telephone, post, fax or email.

We have a fixed price list and we do not use commission based sales agents. You will always be given our best price and your intelligence will not be insulted by the offer of an inflated price with a huge discount.

Work will be measured by a qualified surveyor and installed by qualified fitters.
Every installation is issued with a guarantee, covering materials and labour charges for repairs or replacements for the 10 year Guarantee period.

Should you require funding to finance your purchase, we recommend that you approach your own Bank, Building Society, a reputable ‘Direct Line’ lender or Personal Financial Advisor as they will be able to offer you the most competitive rates of interest and appropriate advice for your individual circumstances.